Welcome to the website of Alvah and Forglen Community Council, Aberdeenshire

The community council meets on the last Tuesday of the month eleven times a year.

See Meetings section for dates of the next meetings.

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Applications invited for projects under the Deuchries Windfarm Community Fund

The Deuchries Windfarm Community Fund receives money each year which can be used for projects intended to improve the Aberchirder & Marnoch and Alvah & Forglen areas.

Applications are invited for suitable projects which will benefit these communities and should be submitted using this application form 2021. Applications should be received no later than 31st May 2021 to be considered in the June allocation meeting.

Covering letter for this can be downloaded letter to groups

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Scam Warnings

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland has sent the following scam warning alerts to the Community Council. Click for full details.
Scam Share Bulletin

Topics this week include:
Avoid a Scamcation
Virtual Cruise Scams
Supermarket Delivery Scams
Scam Share Spotlight – Ticketing Scams
Care Home Payment Scam
Package Delivery Scam
Banking Protocol
Business Scams – Air Purifiers

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Broadband update

The Scottish Government R100 broadband program has informed the community council that at least 188 out of the approx 300 properties in Alvah and Forglen will be getting a minimum of 30Mbps broadband connection from the planned rollout in the north east Scotland area.

However this will not be until after the end of 2021.
You can check whether your property will be covered by the superfast broadband rollout by using the property checker website
Superfast broadband – check my address

In the interim period these properties may be eligible for £400 grants. More information is expected to be available by the summer as to what type of broadband will be provided and when.

Your connection will be delivered after the end of 2021. More details will be available later this year.
The new connection will mean your address can get faster internet speeds. That’ll make it easier to videocall loved ones, watch shows online, work from home, and more – without any hiccups.

What about between now and then?

You may be able to get a one-off £400 voucher from the Scottish Government. You will have to engage a registered provider to apply for this funding on your behalf by 31 December 2021. There is more information about vouchers and providers here How can I get a voucher

This voucher can be used for the cost of fitting a faster commercial broadband supply in the meantime. Think of this as a temporary way to speed things up until the permanent connection is up and running. Options might include things like satellite broadband and more.

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Scam warnings

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland has sent the following scam warning alerts to the Community Council. Click for full details.

DVLA Scams
National Insurance Number Scams
Dyson and Aldi Scam Emails
Investment Scammers
Online Shopping Fake Reviews
Business Cyber Security
Product Safety
Scam Share Bulletin

Practical Advice For Early Years Educators
Ransomeware Attacks On UK Education Sector
Facebook Data Leak
Phishing Text Messages
Cyber Scotland Bulletin

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Police report

Banff Police have supplied a report for the March period to the community council which is available for download.

Community Council Report – March 2021

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DVLA scam warning

Following a number of contacts to Neighbourhood Watch Scotland it would seem that the below scam email from DVLA is doing the rounds. Be careful as DVLA would not contact you in this way. This is a scam designed to get your personal and banking details with the purpose of removing money from your bank account.
Please be vigilant, spread the word and keep yourself, family and neighbours safe.

Hello ##########,

DVLA have been notified electronically about you latest payment for your vehicle tax failed because there is not enough money on you debit card.
Your vehicle is no longer taxed.

We have generated a new invoice, and we suggest you to use a credit card instead of a debit, to avoid any other consequences that might appear in case again won’t be enough funds inside.
Pay Now
If you do not pay your fine on time your vehicle could be clamped or crushed, or your details passed to a debt collection agency.

You may wish to save or print this email confirmation for your record.

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Scam Alert – Royal Mail Unpaid Shipping Fee

Scam involves a text message claiming to be from the Royal Mail. The purpose of this text is to get your details and banking details so that your money can be removed from your account

This article from the Independent is a warning lesson to us all. If you have a couple of minutes it’s worth the time to read as this could happen to you, your family or a neighbour with devastating consequences.


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Enterprise Booster workshops for people aged 16-24

Do you know anyone living in your area aged between 16-24, who is considering becoming self-employed or starting their own business?

Robert Gordon University have teamed up with Aberdeenshire Council’s Employability Support Team to launch a new six-week programme under the Young Person’s Guarantee.

This free online programme will include live workshops, an online course and the opportunity to connect with other business support services in Aberdeenshire.

The first live workshop will be on 7th April at 10am, so if you know someone that would benefit from taking part, ask them to check out the application criteria and apply as soon as possible.

You’ll find the promotional poster below for circulation on social media. Application webpage: www.rgu.ac.uk/enterprise-booster

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Aberdeenshire Council statement on road repairs

Aberdeenshire Council has provded the following document in regards to road maintenance.

Aberdeenshire Council roads maintenance update

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Scam Warnings

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland has sent the following scam warning alerts to the Community Council. Click for full details.

Scam Share Bulletin

CyberScotland Bulletin

HMRC Scams

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