Survey for Community based broadband service.

Since the recent Broadband public meeting, Alvah and Forglen Community Council has been informed by the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme (DSSB) that much of the Alvah and Forglen area will not be included in the programme for fast fibre optic based broadband due for completion in 2021.

The only option DSSB can suggest for improved broadband speeds in the area at this time is via a bandwidth limited and expensive satellite service. The Community Council has thus engaged with Community Broadband Scotland to assess the feasibility of alternative fast broadband provision in the area. However, such provision is dependent on a commercial partner being satisfied that an Alvah and Forglen network would be commercially viable.

As a first step the Community Council has to discover current broadband speeds plus the likely demand in the area for a community based fast broadband service. Can residents of Alvah and Forglen therefore please complete this questionnaire and return it via e-mail or to the address shown on the questionnaire by 16th September.

This is merely a survey to identify the current position of broadband provision in the area plus find out peoples future needs and requirements. Completion does not entail commitment of any sort. Further information can be found in the cover letter to the questionnaire.

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