Governance Review of early years and schools education

The Empowering Schools Unit of the Scottish Government has launched a Governance Review of early years and schools education and would really like to hear your views.

The review seeks your views on really important questions such as who should take decisions on things that impact the education of our children and young people, and how can funding for schools be made fairer?

It also asks about the support that teachers and practitioners need to do their jobs well and how this can be improved. They want to hear views from every part of Scotland – from children and young people, from parents, teachers, practitioners and the wider community.

The Empowering Schools Unit want to hear from those with a formal role in our education system and those who share a stake in its success, such as your community council. The review will run until the 6th January 2017.

They want to hear peoples thoughts via the following channels



Consultation website

More information on the Education Governance Review and engagement sessions can be found at

You can access the Education Governance Review document and consultation at…/a-governance-review

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