Public Presentation on the next Local Development Plan


If you are interested in how planning policy is established in Aberdeenshire please come along to a public presentation in Alvah Hall on 31st October at 6.30pm.

Piers Blaxter, Head of Planning Policy in Aberdeenshire, will be giving a presentation on how the Local Development Plan (LDP) is brought about and how local communities and individuals can influence it.

Mr. Blaxter will explain how community councils and individuals can participate in the LDP process. He will also be seeking comments on how the process worked for the current LDP and what issues we think should be included in the next plan.

The Local Development Plan provides the blueprint for all development planning in Aberdeenshire. Background information and timescales can be found at:
Process begins for creation of latest Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan

Please come along and see what you can do to influence planning policy in this area.

The presentation will be followed at approximately 7pm by the October meeting of the community council.

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