Broadband update

The Scottish Government R100 broadband program has informed the community council that at least 188 out of the approx 300 properties in Alvah and Forglen will be getting a minimum of 30Mbps broadband connection from the planned rollout in the north east Scotland area.

However this will not be until after the end of 2021.
You can check whether your property will be covered by the superfast broadband rollout by using the property checker website
Superfast broadband – check my address

In the interim period these properties may be eligible for £400 grants. More information is expected to be available by the summer as to what type of broadband will be provided and when.

Your connection will be delivered after the end of 2021. More details will be available later this year.
The new connection will mean your address can get faster internet speeds. That’ll make it easier to videocall loved ones, watch shows online, work from home, and more – without any hiccups.

What about between now and then?

You may be able to get a one-off £400 voucher from the Scottish Government. You will have to engage a registered provider to apply for this funding on your behalf by 31 December 2021. There is more information about vouchers and providers here How can I get a voucher

This voucher can be used for the cost of fitting a faster commercial broadband supply in the meantime. Think of this as a temporary way to speed things up until the permanent connection is up and running. Options might include things like satellite broadband and more.

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