new 4G mast at Bogton

Some information on the 4G service now provided by EE from the new mast at Bogton which went live this month.

The mast is not exclusively for any Operator, and was built by Scottish Government with the intention that any Mobile Network Operator (MNO), or Fixed Wireless Operator, can utilise the mast to expand their network coverage.

WHP Telecoms Ltd is Scottish Government’s infrastructure provider, and it is this company that built and owns the mast. Any MNO or Fixed Wireless Operator can then install their equipment on the mast, in order to generate signal for their network.

EE was the only MNO to show interest and commitment to the new mast at Bogton, and this is why they are the operator using the mast currently. O2, Vodafone and Three, did not commit to this mast, and so are not utilising it.

Scottish Government required at least 1 of the MNO’s to commit to usage before the work went ahead, so thankfully they did get the commitment from EE. Although it is unlikely for additional MNO’s to seek use of the mast, they can do this by going through the appropriate channels with WHP Telecoms Ltd or Scottish Government.
Jack Rigby, Digital Stakeholder Lead Officer, Aberdeenshire Council

A letter covering this and more to Aberdeenshire councillor Michael Roy
Bogton mast

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