Suicide prevention campaign

SAMH, NHS Grampian and Police Scotland have launched a suicide prevention campaign in North East Division (Grampian). The focus of which is to not only encourage those experiencing suicidal thoughts to open up to others but to enable those who are listening to feel empowered to help with confidence and compassion. Ultimately, they hope to create a culture where not only those in crisis know that they can get help, but that those who have concerns for others know how to respond effectively and will therefore be more willing to intervene.

Working with SAMH, they have created resources available for both the public and organisations or businesses – specifically the attached documents and this link to a video. The document for partners highlights known indicators that may point to someone being more likely to attempt suicide. It has been adapted from a Police version that has recently been distributed to all frontline Officers and Staff in North East Division. If anyone has concerns for another, being able to refer to this document can help enrichen their understanding of the circumstances and ensure they get the help they need earlier.

The leaflet for the public is aimed at those who know of, care for, live with or work with someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviours. It is important to highlight it is not a form of treatment but a means of safeguarding until further interventions can be made such as seeing a Medical Professional or accessing other means of support. The video accompanies the information for the public and has been shared on a variety of social media channels.

Suicide prevention is an ongoing, ever-changing process that needs to adapt to meet the needs of our communities, but what remains constant is that the more it is highlighted and talked about the more effective it will be.

A6_Suicide Prevention Advice

Suicide Risk Indicators – Partners

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