Done to death, by Jove

Done to death, by Jove
Alvah Hall, Saturday 8th October 7.30pm
Prices Adults: £10, Under 18s and students: £7

Tickets availble from Bremner’s of Foggie, or book online, or pay at the door (if available)
Seating at tables so bring a bottle and a picnic!

The Great British Detective tradition! Holmes and Watson meet Poirot and Miss Marple (alongside the usual suspects) in a spoof homage – who murdered Lady Fanshawe!? Why is Matron Maudesly so friendly with one of the guests at the Clinic of Hopes and Cures!? Why have the sound cues got mixed up?

Made all the more tricky to tell, as theatrical knights, Sir Gavin of Robertson and Sir Nicholas of Collett attempt this 6-actor show, given the other 4 are stuck in a broken-down van on the M6. With only the two of them to play all the assigned roles, what could possibly go wrong?

Re-interpreting ‘The Art of Coarse Acting’ with a farcical result, it’s time to guess WhoDunWhat and how…

Warning: Contains hats!

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