Built Heritage Gazetteer

A collection of links to pages on the built heritage of the Alvah and Forglen area


Hill of Alvah Cairns
There are two megalithic cairns on Hill of Alvah, one bronze age and one neolithic long cairn
Stirling Cairn – Canmore
Stirling Cairn – megalithic.co.uk
Stirling Cairn – modern antiquarian
Alvah Cairn – Canmore
Alvah Cairn – Modern antiquarian

North Burreldales Stone Circle
North Burreldales is the only surviving stone circle in Alvah
North Burredales – modern antiquarian
North Burreldales – magalithic portal
North Burreldales – Stone Circles of the British Isles

Kirkton of Alvah Church
Alvah Church – scottish churches
Alvah Church – Historic Scotland


Whitehill Wood and Cairn Ennit Stone Circles
Remains of two adjacent stone circles in Forglen
Whitehill Wood – megalithic.co.uk
Cairn Ennit – megalithic.co.uk
Whitehill Wood and Cairn Ennit – modern antiquarian
Whitehill Wood – Stone Circles of the British Isles

Forglen old parish church and graveyard
Forglen Church – Canmore
Forglen Church – scottish churches
Forglen Church – british listed buildings

Carnousie Castle
Carnousie Castle – aquapol
Carnousie Castle – scottish castles
Carnousie Castle – Canmore

Mains of Carnousie Steading
Carnousie Steading – buildings at risk
Carnousie Steading – Canmore
Carnousie Steading – Press and Journal