Community Plan

Banffshire Partnership was asked by Aberdeenshire Council to help towns and villages in its area to publish their community plans in booklet form.
These plans will inform the Council, Police, NHS and other agencies what people want to see happen, and will identify those who can help.

To this end a public meeting was held at Alvah Hall on Thursday 28th May, 2015 to try and find the answer to the question: What kind of a future do you want for Alvah and Forglen?

The Community Plan resulting from this meeting is available for download.

The top issue in the Community Plan is broadband provision in the area. Information on how the community council has been progressing this can be seen on the Broadband page

See the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership website for general information on Community Plans and the Community Action Plans of other areas in Aberdeenshire to see what those communities are doing.