Local road closures

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If you have any problems with roads in the area feel free to mention this to the Community Council who can then raise this with the council. The Community Council itself did a road condition survey in early 2015 which was passed to Aberdeenshire Council for action.
See Alvah and Forglen roads 2015 for details.

This road condition survey was repeated in late Spring 2017
Alvah and Forglen road condition survey 2017

In response to the Community Council’s survey of the roads within Alvah and Forglen, Aberdeenshire Council’s Roads Department repaired all the potholes we listed and some of the areas of edge damage that we highlighted. The areas of surface deterioration have been made safe and will be considered in the future works programme for more comprehensive repair.

The Community Council has reported many road defects over the past year and in some cases Aberdeenshire Council has resurfaced large stretches of road. The Community  Council has also reported a number of areas where overgrown vegetation has restricted visibility and become a safety issue. Again Aberdeenshire Council has responded quickly and cut back vegetation where appropriate.

The Community Council would be pleased to take up any concerns from residents about the condition of roads or safety issues.

Aberdeenshire Road closures and roadworks
Temporary Road Closures and Restrictions